Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Only in my dreams

So I came home after the worst day ever and limped to the bedroom and went straight to bed. I mean I know that everyday I say worst day ever, but that's only because everyday it gets worse. Literally, every day is worse than the day before.

"I could take you away from this and put you on TV," says Alyssa Milano. 
"You could do that," I ask? 
"Sure, I'm a producer baby," says Alyssa.
"A producer and a witch?" 
"It's your dream baby," she says. 
"I am dreaming?" I ask. 
She laughs and kisses me as she lays beside me on the bed, then she gets up and starts dusting the house with a feather duster. I notice she is wearing a sexy French maid costume.
"Why are you wearing that," I ask her?
"It's your dream baby," she says.   

Then Jennifer Aniston comes to the door in a similar costume.
She climbs on the bed beside me and runs her fingers through my hair as she kisses me. "Good morning, sweety," she says. "Breakfast is almost ready."
"I love you," she says on the way out the door.  
"I love you more," says Alyssa as she kisses me again.
"Oh yeah, I am dreaming," I say.   

I get out of bed and take a shower. As I hear the door open, I wonder who came in, then I hear her undressing and she climbs in to lather up my back.
Surprisingly, she seems to have done this before, I think amazed. I cannot believe that Pam Anderson is standing in my shower washing my back. I turn around as she nudges me and she puts her arms around my neck.

"Are you ready?" She asks.
"For what?" I ask realizing that I have no idea what is going on.
"For your studio day, sweetie." She kisses me and I realize that I am really liking this dream. "You asked me to get you some studio time last week. Remember?"
"Not really," I shrug and smile.
"You're meeting Britney and Mariah today for the new singles, baby."
"Okay... cool. When?"
"In about an hour," she says as she runs her fingers through my hair and moves closer. Man, I hope I never wake up, I think.

After the shower, Pam and I go downstairs. I look around at the beautiful mansion that we are in and ask whose is it?
"Yours silly," she smiles.
"I have a mansion in Beverly Hills?" I ask.
"Its your dream," she smiles and kisses me as she leads me by the arm to the dining room where Rachael Ray is serving breakfast.
"Hey sweety, got all your favorites for your big day." Rachael says as she kisses me good morning. "I gotta go do my show, but I will see you Wednesday for dinner. Okay? Have a great day."
Yep you're dreaming I think as Rachael Ray kisses me good bye and runs out the door.

"Next week, she will be filming from the studio out back so she wont have to leave so early," says Pam.
"Who is making dinner tonight?" Jennifer asks as she sits down at the table to eat.
"Giada DeLaurentiis," says Pam, looking at the schedule.
"Oh I love her show," says Alyssa as she rubs my shoulders.

"Okay, I am here," says Britney as she walks in the dining room and kisses me hello. "Are you ready to make beautiful music together?" Britney smiles and puts her arms around me as she sits on my lap.
Oh yeah, I am dreaming; please don't wake me, I think.
"Are we using the studio in house or going out today?" Britney asks Pam.
"Out to the label today. Mariah is meeting us there. Limo is waitng in the garage." says Pam.
"Oh good, I love our new limo, baby" she says as she kisses me again. "Who's driving today?"
"Danica insisted on driving you today." Pam smiles. "Shall we go?"

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I awake to the sound of my alarm clock screaming at me and roll over to hit the button. Realizing that it was only I dream and now I cannot get back into it, I hurl the clock into the next room and roll over and go back to sleep. Damn clock.