Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lance and the Ghost Ship

Doctor Eli Zeus was not your average scientist and his team was certainly not your average team. Jinx was a master of magic and mystic arts and Dexter AKA Hack was a tech wiz of the highest order, and with our new team mate KB at the com, we thought there was nothing we could not handle....
Lance was sitting at the helm staring off into space when Jinx walked up to him and asked what's wrong. Dex was in the co-pilot's seat and flying to our destination. A distress call had come from somewhere behind Sirius and the team had been sent to investigate it. As we came closer and closer to our POI, Lance was becoming more and more distant I noticed.
"Oh, nothing," said Lance. "I guess I am just a little jet-lagged."
"You were tired, yes, but i sensed something more." said Jinx.
Jinx had this long black hair that went down to her waist and she kept it tied back on missions. Her skills with magicks were only topped by her mental abilities which included empathy and she always felt what we felt to some degree.
"Sometimes I have visions that could not possibly come true," said Lance. "It's nothing. Really."
But was it nothing? Lance focused on the flight path and began to watch the sensor sweeps carefully. He turned up the scanner so everyone could hear any radio transmissions from outside the ship clearly. Mostly, all we heard was static.
As we approached the Sirius 3 space station, something came over the scanner...
"SOS! SOS! Mayday!" The transmission from earlier was being sent again.
"Scan for lifeforms," said Lance.
I turned on every scanner at my reach and watched for green lights, but there were none.
"No signs," I told the Captain.
"I don't feel anyone alive either," said Jinx sadly.
"There were 12 crew members on that post before," said Lance. "Take us into orbit by the Sirius, Zan. I am going in to look around." Lance donned his ghost armor and he and Dex flew to the ship. It always fascinated me how those armored suits could literally fly through walls and turn the user invisible.
"Aye, Captain," I said as I brought the ship into orbit by the station.
Jinx took the con next to me and watched the monitors closely. "Locking transporter beams on them, Zan," she told me as she pushed buttons on the con panel.
"Standby to beam them out on the Captain's order only," I told her.
"Standing by," she replied.
The monitor was dark but the landing team could see much better than us. As they flew through the wall of the station. I heard Dex comment on how it was dark as a tomb inside.
"I don't know where the lights are here," said the Captain. "Activate night mode."
"I have the light controls," said KB from the back of the command center. "Switching on now."
I glanced at the monitor of the bridge and saw KB in her station. "Nice work, K."
"Thanks Zan," she replied.
"Be careful." said Doc over the monitor. He and his team were watching from home base.   
Once the lights came on everyone could clearly see the dead bodies floating around inside the space station. 
"No life signs," said KB sadly.  
"Lance turn on the ships com and get out of there," said Doc Zeus. "We can review there records from here." 
"Should we transport the corpses to home base, Doc?" Lance asked the question but barely noticed the answer.   
"Negative, not until we determine cause of death and scan ship for viruses."  Doctor Zeus was not wanting to bring any dangerous diseases back to the ship or to home base. 
"I have been running scans since we got in range, Doc. There are no detectable parasites or viruses on the station from our files," said KB. 
Thank you Kay," said the Doc. "Begin monitoring video feeds and broadcast all files from the ship at once. And Lance get your team out of there."    
"On the way back now, Doc. Looks like the crew was eaten alive by something big and mean... and carnivorous."  Lance motioned to Dexter to go back and turned to the door. "Lets go Casper."   
Jinx gasped and shouted,"Get out! Abort!" 
Dex phased through the door and flew back to the ship, but before Lance could leave, he was hit by a large alien beast that looked about like a dragon, at least seven feet tall. Lance was no small fellow himself and once he saw that beast facing him and snarling, he pulled a blaster from his side and fired heavily at it. As the beast fell back, Lance phased through the wall and flew to the ship. Everyone on board, sighed, except Jinx who was suiting up in an armor of her own. As Lance reached the ship, he saw Dex passing by him and firing, he turned to see the beast had busted through the door of the station and was in pursuit. Lance fired at the beast, knocking some of its protective scales loose and taking out one of its eyes. 
"Fall back, Casper," ordered the Captain. " Been a while since I fought one of these." Lance stood on the top of the ship with his magnetic boots holding him in place and he chanted as he reached behind his back. As the dragon came closer, it charged Lance and roared as it spread its wings wide. Lance pulled a large silver sword from behind him with a gold hilt and swung hard at the beast, cutting its jaw in two and then he quickly swung again taking off one wing. 
"Inside Dex! He shouted as he took the dragons head off on its return trip. The dragon's decapitated corpse floated off into space as Lance watched it go away. "Thank you, Excalibur." He said as he sent the sword back to its resting place with a Welsh chant. "No life signs..." Lance and Dexter phased inside the ship and sat down.  
"What the hell was that?" Dexter asked. 
"A dragon," said the Captain. "Zan, set course for home base. You have the com." 
"Aye, Captain," I said, changing the flight plan accordingly.  
"Are there more of those things?" KB asked. 
"Where there is one, there are more." Lance took his seat in the Captain's command center as the ship turned for home. As the Space Station faded into view, an uneasy feeling came over me that we were being watched. There was nothing showing on the sensor sweeps, but the sensors had not detected the dragon that attacked us either.

Jinx was still in armor and watching the monitors as we went into hyper drive. It seemed like she and the Captain knew something we did not... As the system faded from view, I could have sworn I heard a roar behind us, or maybe that was just the wind....

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