Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Silently he watches from the shadows

As she gets out of her car

As she locks the door and closes it

And she walks toward the bar

The beast within Tomas is thirsty

It will be satisfied

He cannot control its rages

This pretty young thing has caught its eye

He looks around the parking garage

To see that they are alone

Then he runs up behind her

As she is walking and talking on the phone

He bears his fangs and reaches for her

But his hand never connects

For another has witnessed his actions

And this plan he chose to wreck

Nick has grabbed this monster

And pulled him into the dark

And watched him gasp and struggle

To remove the stake that's in his heart

But Nicodemus is stronger

And Tomas has no chance

He ages and turns to dust

In Nicodemus' hands

The dancer does not notice

As she walks away

How death came knocking

And a vampire saved her day