Monday, November 8, 2010

Captain Blaze and the SPITFIRE

Long range scans proved I was right.
The outpost sent word they were coming.
They were there alright.
As we came in upon 'em, I could
See the name on her side.
SPITFIRE it said.
She was big and wide.
She had already destroyed the outpost.
She was still firing on it when we arrived.
"Shields up," I said from reflex.
"Phasers set on high."
We got her captain on screen.
I looked him in the eye.
"You've crossed our border and destroyed 3 outposts," I said.
"So what?" he asked, sneering,
And then, I heard him boast.
"Your puny starship can't defeat Captain Blaze."
"Surrender quickly," i said.
"Or you will die today."
They broke communication, and fired and hit our shields.
I thought of all the people those savages had killed.
"Torpedoes launch," I shouted!
"Phasers, open fire!"
By the time the fight was over
There was only dust left from the Spitfire.

I called HQ.
"They broke the treaty," I said.
"No, they were rogues," the admiral said.
I went to bed that night with a medal for my honor.
But i couldnt sleep, thinking of the families,
Who lost their sons and daughters.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drake, the Gold Dragon

He was a gold dragon
A shape shifter
Drake was his name
He could raise the temperature
And generate heat
And cause things to burst into flames
He was born a dragon
But as everyone knows
The gold ones can look like us
He used his gifts to protect the weak
He didnt have to
He felt he must
One day, he was walking thru town
And in the alley he heard a scream
3 low-life thugs were robbing some girl
And harming people was their thing
Without hesitation the dragon went in
Shooting flames at the three jerks
They were not getting away from him,
Cause justice was his work
2 creeps ran for cover and tried to shoot Drake
From over there
But the heat that he was generating dissolved their bullets in mid-air
On the other side of the alley
The meanest thug had his victim and a blade
"Get out of here and let us go, or this bitch will die" he said
Well, that was a really stupid move
It just pissed Drake off
And suddenly, the thug dropped the knife cause it was so burning hot
In a split second, a stream of light knocked the villain outta the way
Then a wall of heat surrounded him and took the oxygen away
Then all 3 hoods passed out and fell to the street
When the cops arrived and found them, they had a tan that could not be beat.
The crime rate started dropping then
And i wouldnt call it braggin'
To say that the city owed a lot of thanks
To Drake, the gold dragon

Saturday, November 6, 2010



Yesterday I lay down, just as I had lain down everyday before. I heard a crash, and I jumped to my feet. I ran to the nearby window, and I looked out. I saw absolutely nothing; I decided to try the window in the next room that looks out on the street. it was an awful pile-up. I rushed to the phone, and I called for the fire department. I laid down the phone.

I went outside to see if everyone was alright. I reached the cars. there were three of them. I looked inside one, and it was empty. I saw a leak at the back of the car. the car behind it was on fire. I ran from the cars, and I turned and looked at the cars again. I saw a funny-looking alien beside of the burning car. he pointed what appeared to be a ray gun at two people inside the car.

I realized the cars had crashed because of him, and he was vaporizing all of them. these were the last two. he shot them, proving me right. I decided to call the police, and I ran for the phone. the creature was following me slowly.

I grabbed the door knob. Oh no!!! Locked! I fumbled for the key. The creature was in front of me. He raised his gun,... aimed.

"Lay down the gun," I screamed. "and we'll be friends!"

"Okay," said the creature. "Let's play tag; you're it."

I clicked my heels together 3 times, and I said, "there's no place like home," repeatedly...

"There's your story, now I'm going to bed," I said. "Good night, dada," she said. "Good night," said I.

Friday, November 5, 2010



The gnarled roots were very unusual; Jackson had never seen anything like them. They were packed in a wooden box imprinted with foreign names. It was odd that they should be left in the alley.

Reaching down, Jackson touched one of them; he then picked it up. It was much heavier and softer than he expected. In fact, it felt a little like dead flesh. He smoothed its bumps and ridges with his thumb; then he put it back and felt vaguely uneasy. Its sweet odor was strange and unfamiliar to him. He wondered why the roots had been left in the deserted alley.

His mouth felt dry as he reached into the box again, and he picked up another one; it was smaller. It too was pulpy, and it had the same pungent smell. Using a handkerchief, he wrapped up the root, and he put it in his windbreaker. He glanced over his shoulder as he did this, because he suddenly had a strong, unmistakable feeling he was being watched.

When he got home, he put the root in his bedroom. He went into the living room; he wanted to grab a drink from the kitchen refrigerator. Suddenly, a blinding light shone through the window. A dark shape appeared in it, and Jackson felt as tho his head was held in a giant hand. The light died down, and the shape became visible.

It had the same unfamiliar odor coming from it, and its skin was the same as the roots'. It raised its odd arm and pointed its twig-like finger at Jackson. Jackson could not move. tho he could still use his senses. Five creatures, nearly the same size as the first, came from Jackson's bedroom.

"Daddy," said one, who moved beside the creature. The others followed it, and then the creature lowered his arm after listening to their senseless chatter.

"Thank you," said the father, "for taking care of my sons." He held up the box. "Our spaceship was stranded on your planet, and the children were ready to leave the larval stage and sprout from their egg when i left to find food. I left their mother in charge of them, but she was afraid of your enormous size, so she didnt attack you. I will take care to scold her for not telling you of our dilemma."

He then was engulfed, with his sons, into the light again, and they disappeared with it.

Jackson decided to tell no one of this, yet he did not feel it was over. He saw a seventh creature appear at the door, and he laughed when it asked to "phone home?"


By Raymond Nichols.

The great Duke Zan Was in his land
With a sword in his hand
The sun did shine
A light so fine
It brightened the whole land
The prince of Zeth
Quite out of breath
Rushed into the room
Thru pants of strife
His very life
He feared He soon would lose
"O mighty Zan," he strained to say
"The king requests your sword today
A dragon roams my father's land
Who makes a mouse of every man
My father said at last night's feast
You were the one to destroy the beast."
"Say words no more," sir Zan thus cried.
"For my homeland I'd give my life."
Duke Zan was told by Zac, his page
Dracul, the dragon, was seen in Dage
The prior day where he retired
The king's best men when he breathed fire
So Zan and Zac tracked down Dracul
Zan rode a steed and Zac a mule
Zan donned his shield his sword held high
The beast he swore would surely die
His charger shied from the breath so hot
Zan kicked its rib.
It then did trot
A harder kick
The charger ran
Zan's sharpest lance firm in his hand
A gopher hole was in his path
The charger tripped
Zan threw the lance
Straight and true the lance did fly
As Dracul's fire shot thru the sky
And in his heart the lance does rest
Thru mighty scales that cover his chest
A single place had been open
As the monster breathed out and in
Duke Zan today wears a mask
To cover the scars of his greatest task
His face was burned as fire seaped thru
Holes in the visor he once could see thru
Now the prince is king as fate would give
And blind Duke Zan
Now forgotten does live
People ask, "Did dragons ever live?"
But noble Duke Zan
No answer does he give
A hero's life is a lonely one,
Especially when the work is done

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saboo, the Tiger

By Raymond Nichols.

He sat and stared at the blank page before him. He was a pro who had never had a loss for words. and now..."If Andrews loses, the beast will just be hunted by another. If Saboo were to lose, I'd be out of a job..."

"Dr. Andrews had been waiting for this chance for years. At last, it had come. He was face to face with the biggest, meanest tiger in all of the jungle. The cat had crouched and was ready to pounce on him. He slowly cocked the gun and waited. His shot would have to be true. If he winged the beast, he would be its next victim."

He stopped."Maybe I should call it all off. Jerry did such a magnificent job with the drawings, but heck, people are tired of the tiger always winning. I've been doing the same old crap for years. Saboo always wins. It's not right."A long, mindless stare at the wall."Yes. thats what i'll do. i'll kill the tiger. The readers will devour it."He turns to the typewriter. Banging like a crazed madman. He hears a noise at the back door. He ignores it. He keeps typing. another noise louder. He keeps typing...

The next day, the inspectors stand over the body."No sign of forced entry. must be a suicide."

"Looks like he was attacked by a large animal to me."

"But the doors were all locked. and the house is empty.

"How could he have torn himself apart like that alone?"

The inspectors scratch their heads as fresh blood drips from the top of the desk.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


He rode into town one hot summer day
Soaked with sweat from riding the range
His horse was white; a palomino
His gun was silver
His bullets gold
His hat ten gallons
His vest held a badge
"MARSHALL" it said
He lived on the edge
His draw was like lightning
His gun his best friend
When he found a villain
Its career would end
His name was Art Laws
He stood for the law
He protected the weak!
Did i mention his draw?
He came into town with a warrant in hand.
To arrest a villain who had killed 30 men
The man was a cad of this there's no doubt
He was really bad inside and out
Art tied up his horse by the sheriffs place
He entered the room to make a request
He asked where to look to find this bad man
The deputy shrugged and shook his hand
The marshall got a room at the nearby hotel
Then he went to the saloon to look for himself
He asked a few questions but got no replies
He noticed the fear in the bartender's eyes
He ordered a gin and he sat down to relax
The room slowly cleared except for 1 man in the back.
3 men entered and all wearing guns
The piano player then left on the run.
"Marshall," one called. "we've come for you.
If you want to take Billy you'll have to take us, too."
"Well if you insist," Art said with a smile.
By this time, he was facing them all.
One hit the floor. Art's gun smoked.
The other 2 drew, and both hit the floor.
Art turned about, his gun was still drawn.
There stood a man at the back of the saloon.
"Thanks," said the Marshall. The man sat back down.
"I hate unfair fights. not allowed in my town!"
The Deputy walked in "you got em i see!"
"Thanks to that citizen over there who helped me."
"Who?" asked the Deputy. "Theres no one back there."
Then Laws looked back and saw an empty chair.
The Deputy smiled,"Very funny.
Next thing you'll tell me the Sheriff was there.
Billy and his friends killed him right over there."
Marshall Laws left town the next day,
But he stopped to look back as he was moving away.
"Dont worry," said the Sheriff
Who was standing there.
"Long as im on the job, Their kind will be rare."



Night at last
The vicious sun has gone to sleep
The blue sky faded to black
The twinkling stars appear like angels watching the city
Feeding time again
I am the King of the Night
The Lord of the Dark
I rule the streets at night
Feeding on the evil
Here i am god
The people on the streets My cattle
They disappear
People scratch their heads but no one misses them much
My little meals on legs
Scum of the earth
The dealers and pimps
Thugs and thieves
No one will miss them
My cattle
Worthless wastes of space
Only good for one thing
Tonight i rule the streets
In the morning i will sleep
I am the night owl
God of the Dark
Master of the streets
Tonight i feed and tomorrow will be a brighter day
Thanks to me
The Lord of the Dark


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I just stopped by for a drink
Like a dozen times before
I guess i was more thirsty than i thought
Once i got her on the floor
As i quenched my insatiable thirst
I came to realize
This girl that i was preying on
Was just about to die
As i came to my senses
I saw her in my arms
This vessel i called friend
A victim of my charms
And soon she would be gone
Because of my mistake
And the Prince would have my head
Did i deserve this fate?
I could not let her die
The regrets would never stop
And so i bit my lip
And let her taste a few drops
And soon she arose again
And walked the night with me
And tho we are no longer friends
She arose you see
And now she is Kindred
A creature of the night
Forever in the dark
And running from the light
We walk the world of darkness
The dark childe and i
Tho years come and go
The damned can never die

Billy Goat gets lost

Billy Goat was a playful fellow
He loved to play outside
One day when Nanny Goat looked away
Billy went to hide
He ran into the woods that day
And soon could not be found
He ran deep into the brush
As far as he could go,
Then he stopped to look back
When he couldnt run no mo--
He saw no one had followed him
And Billy Goat just smiled-
They'll never find me now he said
I lost em by a mile
Then Billy looked around and saw
Some tall grass growing near
So Billy started eating and
When he eats he has no peer
He ate and ate and ate some more
Until he got his fill
And then he fell fast asleep
From his enormous meal
He slept for, oh, an hour or two
Then woke up in the dark
And thats when Billy figured out
He was lost there in the park.
He called out to his Nanny Goat
And then to his friend Tom Cat
Then Billy realized that no one
Was there to lead him back
He tried to go back the way he came
But which way was that?
It was getting dark and cold
And Billy Goat was lost and fat
He searched the woods for trails
That might lead him safely home
But whatever way that Billy went
He still wound up alone
He sniffed the air for scents
That might show him the way
But never found a scent he knew
He'd not get home today
He heard coyotes howling
Somewhere down below
So he turned and ran the other way
As fast as he could go
Then he saw 2 bright and glowing lights
In the woods ahead
And he heard the farmer's voice and cried,
"Hooray, it's time for bed" the farmer took
Billy home to Nanny Goat that night
And Billy went straight to bed
He'd had an awful fright
The moral of this story is
Dont run too far away,
Cause coyotes hunt in packs my friend
Each and every day.

Monday, November 1, 2010


By Raymond Nichols.

A lizard ran down the beam that was all that was left of a large section of the fence. The building was much like the fence, covered with slime and growth. The woods had almost claimed the house. The door was cracked; Lekers never knew how to use doors.

Inside, 4 Lekers had 2 Earthers captive.

"He hates Terrans anyway," the leader was saying. "If i give you to him; it'll be too bad for you."
"No please," the female begged. "Please don't!"
"I'm sorry, but if you don't talk, I simply can't help you," the Leker said.
"Drop dead," said the male. "Earth is going to slaughter you."
"Now such harsh language," the Leker said. The Leker motioned to one of his men. The soldier put a gun to the female's head. "And in front of a lady, too... Maybe you don't care about your mates like we had heard Terrans do."

"I'm ready to die for my country," she said proudly. "Don't tell them a thing, Don."
The Leker hit her with the gun."Shut up," he said.
The male jerked trying to free himself from his bonds.
"Kill her,"the Leker shouted!

A Leker aimed his ray gun at the female, then he fell on the floor dead, from a blaster burn. A blaster bolt struck the leader in the face next. A third blast hit the third alien, and the fourth was struck down next.

Don looked at the door. in it, with the sunlight shining thru from behind, stood a droid in battle armor.

"Thank God, you're here," the male said. His migraine was subsiding now. "Cut us loose; my arms aren't circulating anymore."
The Ranger stepped into the room; he walked over to the captives. He removed a survival knife from its holster on his side. He brought it to the man's chest, and he thrust it into Don's heart.The female screamed and struggled to get free. The ranger blasted her and took out his transmitter.

"Droid 3. Report 31. dead; 4 Lekers, 2 Terrans; continuing search," he said, and then he left the building.

The Legend of Hellhound Woods

Doctor Victor Von Frankenstein created a creature from bodies he bought from the graveyard. he brought the creature to life with a bolt of lightning one halloween, and named it Adam.
Adam was hideous and deformed and although his heart was beating, his flesh was still rotting and falling off his body. the villagers were afraid of Adam and burnt him in an old windmill. Adam blamed Vic for his misery and killed his servants and family. then the creature promised, he would return at halloween and kill Vic. then he disappeared into the woods, shouting, "I'll kill you father," maniacally.
Vic hired an old witch, named Lillith, to protect him from the monster.

Lillith brought 6 hellhounds from Hell and caged them outside Vic's home. on Halloween night, Lillith returned to Vic's home, only to find Vic and the 6 hellhounds all gone. the doors to the cages were sitting open, but Vic was never to be seen again.  

Now every Halloween, you can hear the sounds of the hellhounds howling in the woods, now called Hellhound Woods. and some say they have seen the glowing red eyes of the beasts. some even claim to have seen the monster dragging the doctor deep into the woods, and heard the doctor's screams in the night....