Friday, November 5, 2010


By Raymond Nichols.

The great Duke Zan Was in his land
With a sword in his hand
The sun did shine
A light so fine
It brightened the whole land
The prince of Zeth
Quite out of breath
Rushed into the room
Thru pants of strife
His very life
He feared He soon would lose
"O mighty Zan," he strained to say
"The king requests your sword today
A dragon roams my father's land
Who makes a mouse of every man
My father said at last night's feast
You were the one to destroy the beast."
"Say words no more," sir Zan thus cried.
"For my homeland I'd give my life."
Duke Zan was told by Zac, his page
Dracul, the dragon, was seen in Dage
The prior day where he retired
The king's best men when he breathed fire
So Zan and Zac tracked down Dracul
Zan rode a steed and Zac a mule
Zan donned his shield his sword held high
The beast he swore would surely die
His charger shied from the breath so hot
Zan kicked its rib.
It then did trot
A harder kick
The charger ran
Zan's sharpest lance firm in his hand
A gopher hole was in his path
The charger tripped
Zan threw the lance
Straight and true the lance did fly
As Dracul's fire shot thru the sky
And in his heart the lance does rest
Thru mighty scales that cover his chest
A single place had been open
As the monster breathed out and in
Duke Zan today wears a mask
To cover the scars of his greatest task
His face was burned as fire seaped thru
Holes in the visor he once could see thru
Now the prince is king as fate would give
And blind Duke Zan
Now forgotten does live
People ask, "Did dragons ever live?"
But noble Duke Zan
No answer does he give
A hero's life is a lonely one,
Especially when the work is done

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