Monday, November 1, 2010


By Raymond Nichols.

A lizard ran down the beam that was all that was left of a large section of the fence. The building was much like the fence, covered with slime and growth. The woods had almost claimed the house. The door was cracked; Lekers never knew how to use doors.

Inside, 4 Lekers had 2 Earthers captive.

"He hates Terrans anyway," the leader was saying. "If i give you to him; it'll be too bad for you."
"No please," the female begged. "Please don't!"
"I'm sorry, but if you don't talk, I simply can't help you," the Leker said.
"Drop dead," said the male. "Earth is going to slaughter you."
"Now such harsh language," the Leker said. The Leker motioned to one of his men. The soldier put a gun to the female's head. "And in front of a lady, too... Maybe you don't care about your mates like we had heard Terrans do."

"I'm ready to die for my country," she said proudly. "Don't tell them a thing, Don."
The Leker hit her with the gun."Shut up," he said.
The male jerked trying to free himself from his bonds.
"Kill her,"the Leker shouted!

A Leker aimed his ray gun at the female, then he fell on the floor dead, from a blaster burn. A blaster bolt struck the leader in the face next. A third blast hit the third alien, and the fourth was struck down next.

Don looked at the door. in it, with the sunlight shining thru from behind, stood a droid in battle armor.

"Thank God, you're here," the male said. His migraine was subsiding now. "Cut us loose; my arms aren't circulating anymore."
The Ranger stepped into the room; he walked over to the captives. He removed a survival knife from its holster on his side. He brought it to the man's chest, and he thrust it into Don's heart.The female screamed and struggled to get free. The ranger blasted her and took out his transmitter.

"Droid 3. Report 31. dead; 4 Lekers, 2 Terrans; continuing search," he said, and then he left the building.

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