Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drake, the Gold Dragon

He was a gold dragon
A shape shifter
Drake was his name
He could raise the temperature
And generate heat
And cause things to burst into flames
He was born a dragon
But as everyone knows
The gold ones can look like us
He used his gifts to protect the weak
He didnt have to
He felt he must
One day, he was walking thru town
And in the alley he heard a scream
3 low-life thugs were robbing some girl
And harming people was their thing
Without hesitation the dragon went in
Shooting flames at the three jerks
They were not getting away from him,
Cause justice was his work
2 creeps ran for cover and tried to shoot Drake
From over there
But the heat that he was generating dissolved their bullets in mid-air
On the other side of the alley
The meanest thug had his victim and a blade
"Get out of here and let us go, or this bitch will die" he said
Well, that was a really stupid move
It just pissed Drake off
And suddenly, the thug dropped the knife cause it was so burning hot
In a split second, a stream of light knocked the villain outta the way
Then a wall of heat surrounded him and took the oxygen away
Then all 3 hoods passed out and fell to the street
When the cops arrived and found them, they had a tan that could not be beat.
The crime rate started dropping then
And i wouldnt call it braggin'
To say that the city owed a lot of thanks
To Drake, the gold dragon

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