Monday, November 8, 2010

Captain Blaze and the SPITFIRE

Long range scans proved I was right.
The outpost sent word they were coming.
They were there alright.
As we came in upon 'em, I could
See the name on her side.
SPITFIRE it said.
She was big and wide.
She had already destroyed the outpost.
She was still firing on it when we arrived.
"Shields up," I said from reflex.
"Phasers set on high."
We got her captain on screen.
I looked him in the eye.
"You've crossed our border and destroyed 3 outposts," I said.
"So what?" he asked, sneering,
And then, I heard him boast.
"Your puny starship can't defeat Captain Blaze."
"Surrender quickly," i said.
"Or you will die today."
They broke communication, and fired and hit our shields.
I thought of all the people those savages had killed.
"Torpedoes launch," I shouted!
"Phasers, open fire!"
By the time the fight was over
There was only dust left from the Spitfire.

I called HQ.
"They broke the treaty," I said.
"No, they were rogues," the admiral said.
I went to bed that night with a medal for my honor.
But i couldnt sleep, thinking of the families,
Who lost their sons and daughters.

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