Saturday, November 6, 2010



Yesterday I lay down, just as I had lain down everyday before. I heard a crash, and I jumped to my feet. I ran to the nearby window, and I looked out. I saw absolutely nothing; I decided to try the window in the next room that looks out on the street. it was an awful pile-up. I rushed to the phone, and I called for the fire department. I laid down the phone.

I went outside to see if everyone was alright. I reached the cars. there were three of them. I looked inside one, and it was empty. I saw a leak at the back of the car. the car behind it was on fire. I ran from the cars, and I turned and looked at the cars again. I saw a funny-looking alien beside of the burning car. he pointed what appeared to be a ray gun at two people inside the car.

I realized the cars had crashed because of him, and he was vaporizing all of them. these were the last two. he shot them, proving me right. I decided to call the police, and I ran for the phone. the creature was following me slowly.

I grabbed the door knob. Oh no!!! Locked! I fumbled for the key. The creature was in front of me. He raised his gun,... aimed.

"Lay down the gun," I screamed. "and we'll be friends!"

"Okay," said the creature. "Let's play tag; you're it."

I clicked my heels together 3 times, and I said, "there's no place like home," repeatedly...

"There's your story, now I'm going to bed," I said. "Good night, dada," she said. "Good night," said I.

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