Saturday, January 24, 2015


Albert had sent out for pizzas earlier. He was in the mood to celebrate his new promotion with his girlfriends, Diana and Christina, in his new 13th floor apartment. As the new CEO, he had cut no expense to impress his two favorite secretaries.

Albert had pulled a few strings to get the job, but that was just business. Anyone else could have done the same. The former CEO, Bill, thought he must have been dreaming when Diana and Christina flirted with him at the bar, drunk and frisky. He was just having a little fun, that was all.

He didn't know about the webcams they had hidden around the office. He didn't know that they were helping Albert set him up. He was surprised as hell, when he went into work that day and lost his job to Al. Very surprised.

Albert was never going to forget that look on his face. He was never going to forget that day as long as he lived. The shock in Bill's eyes. He thought of that image as a trophy. An award that he earned on his climb to the top.

Yes, Bill was surprised when he lost his job. Almost as surprised as Al was when he opened the door and saw a tall robed figure standing there. He didnt see his face. It was covered by the hood. The black robe covered all of his features in fact, very well. But Albert could tell the stranger before him was very strong as it picked him up like a toy and tossed him off the balcony of his new apartment.

He stood beside him and saw the figure toss him off the balcony. He looked over the edge and watched his own body hit the concrete below. He heard the girls scream and run out of the apartment.

He couldnt look away as he saw the blood streaming from his head below. He could tell that the reaper was leaving, but he couldnt look away just yet.

As the reaper walked through the door, Albert called to him. "Why? Why me?"

The reaper disappeared into the hall as Albert watched him leave. He couldnt leave the room to see where the reaper had gone. He couldnt turn on the TV and see if his death had made the news. He was trapped in his new apartment forever.

Cops came after a while to dust the room and check for clues, but they couldnt see him or hear him. He heard them talking amongst themselves. They didnt know who had done it and he couldnt tell them. No one even knew he was there.

They called his murder a suicide and took some pictures of the place. Eventually, they left him alone in his new apartment. They roped off the room and sealed the door, but he thought there was no need as he could not leave anyway.

Albert sat on the balcony all evening, staring at the stars. He wondered who would have done such a thing to him. He was just having a little fun, that was all.

"Hmm, are you dead?" asked a young girl who walked onto the balcony.

"You can see me?" asked Al.

"Well, yeah. It comes with the job," the girl looked off the balcony at the spot below. "Yeech, messy suicide. Lucky for you, you werent inside."

"No, it wasnt a suicide tho. Someone threw me off there. Big guy. Strong. Black robe and hood."

"Really? They said you jumped. They usually know these things you know." The young girl pointed to the clouds and shrugged. Then another hooded figure walked on to the balcony. He was somewhat shorter than the guy who had killed Al, but dressed the same. Al shuddered and backed against the wall.

"Hey, Leo, Al here says he was thrown off the balcony."

"Really?" asked Leo. "By whom?" Leo and the girl look at Al.

"Big tall guy. Really strong. Dressed just like you." Al points at Leo, and Leo looks at his robe.

"Black robe? and really strong. hmm. I didnt wear mine today. No time to change. Name's Cassie by the way." Cassie reaches for Al's hand and shakes it. Al is still trembling from the sight of the black robe Leo is wearing.

"Relax, Al, youre dead. Cant die again you know." Cass sits on the patio chair nearby. "So, this killer was a reaper, you say?"

"A what? And how do you know my name?" Al is freaked out pretty good by now. Leo sits on another chair behind Cassie and listens carefully for deets.

"We're reapers sweetie. We were sent for you when the guys upstairs found out you were dead. You know you weren't scheduled to die yet? We had no clue you were here at first."  

"Okay, well, I was thrown off the balcony by a big guy dressed in a black robe and then he left through the door." Al looked at the locked door inside. "He just walked through the door. Did not even open it."
"Could be a reaper," said Leo, "but Al was not on the schedule for months yet."

"Wha- Wait - months?" asked Albert.

"Well, after a fall like that he ain't getting back in," whispered Cassie.

"We better take him to Ryan. See what he thinks. Remember that socialite in L. A.? Sounds like the same story." said Leo.

"Yeah, Ryan, should hear this one." said Cassie.

"What's going on here?" asked Albert.

"You sure he didn't ride down and hit his head?" asked Leo.

"Its okay Albert. We'll explain on the way." said Cassie as she lead him into the room. "You know, you're lucky you made the news or we might never have found you."

"Lucky?" asked Albert. Albert barely noticed that the reapers were walking through walls like him, but he was not interested in asking why at the time. Leo followed them into the room and looked around.

"Say Albert was this guy who attacked you transparent like us?" asked Leo.  

"Uh, yes. He was," said Albert.

And then the three of them walked up to the mirror on the dresser and walked through to the other side...    
***to be continued---